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Presbyterian Cross

Peace Camp

A free, fun activity for children ages 6 – 12,
to promote peacebuilding, understanding, conflict/resolution
and compassion in our community and our world.
July 21, 22, 23
This year's camp will take place On-Line.
Church Telephone: (313) 933-3740

Beginning in 1999, Littlefield has held an annual Peace Camp in mid-summer. Many people are concerned about the violence in the world, and particularly how it affects children. The people of Littlefield Presbyterian Church decided several years ago to do something about it and started holding Peace Camp for church youth and neighborhood children.

"Children of all ages need to learn respectful, peaceful ways of resolving conflict and working together," said the Rev. Fran Hayes, former pastor of the church. "Peace Camp gives us a chance to learn peaceful ways of doing things, celebrate our neighborhood's diversity, make new friends and have a lot of fun together."

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